7/10/2017, Bark.com

"CoachTKnee's powerful wisdom and positivity has allowed me to share my deepest and inner most truths with the world and life. Our relationship has made an substantial impact on my life and though we've never spoken face to face, I'm definitely glad I met her". - Warren London UK

12/24/2017, ITunes Podcast “It all Begins with you”

Informative, Relevant, and Sincere Coach!

I’ve listened to 2 of CoachTKnee’s podcasts so far, “Business Plan” and “Be True to Yourself.” Taira is gifted with making the listener feel valued and emphasizes the benefits of having a success coach, one that will help you realize your potential and push you towards achieving your life and business goals. I’m really enjoying her message and I highly recommend taking the time to hear what she has to say. I appreciate that there is a professional like her who is passionate about making you think smarter, work harder, and stay focused on the objective at hand. - GRS.