Professional Counselor & Self-Development Coach for Entertainment Artists
Certified CBT & DBT Practitioner


November 2016 - Present

Coach and mentor celebrity artists, and executive professionals in the entertainment industry. Assist individuals with creating and developing sustainable, positive behaviors that encourage and promote personal growth. Apply the CBT and DBT therapies to modify negative thoughts and behaviors.  Help individuals develop coping skills, assess their self-worth and eliminate all activity that produces negative behavior, unwanted attention and/or does not yield value.  Analyze business practices for efficiency and define emotional intelligence. Work to create work/life balance and maintain cohesion in all areas of communications, and relationship. Help artists and professional to seizing every opportunity, feeling encouraged, inspired, and supported.  

Certified Master Business Success Coach & NLP Practitioner
Paramount BCC

November 2014 - 2016

Provide coaching and training that promotes independence and self-sufficiency. Identify personal, business and career goals. Assist client(s) with developing leadership skills and planning future business and career moves. Support and assist client(s) in building business effectiveness and acquiring value added practices. Develop plans for long-range strategies, organizational goals and objectives. Suggest development, planning and execution of employee-related activities and initiatives, to increase employee production and retention. Define all aspects of current business practices and procedures, and provide feedback for improvements or modifications. Network and maintain relationships to actively promote referral opportunities.